Lâmpadas Especiais Médicas Ps300-12 Fonte De Alimentação Lâmpadas Xenon - Produto Novo Com Nf
Model: PS300-12
Product ID: 520
Lâmpadas Especiais Médicas Ps300-12 Fonte De Alimentação Xenon

Lâmpadas Especiais Médicas Ps300-12 Fonte De Alimentação Xenon

Marca: ExcelitasModelo:PS300-12 Referência: 2405

Fonte de Alimentação para lâmpada Xenon de 100W a 300W (CERMAX LAMP POWER SUPPLIES)
Marca: Excelitas
Modelo: PS300-12
Lâmpada XBO-R 100W, XBO-R 180W, PE175



Installation Requirements


Installation of the PS300-12 power supply unit (PSU) must only be carried out by

qualified personnel in accordance with this document and other relevant safety

procedures. Never operate the power supply without providing adequate protection

against electric shock or other safety hazards. If further information or guidance is

required when installing this PSU please consult the appropriate support personnel

before proceeding.


General Specification:

Input voltage:

90 ? 264V rms. universal input

AC Power Connector:

3 X 0.25? spade tabs

Input Frequency:

47 ? 63Hz

Maximum Input Power:


Maximum Input Current:

<7A rms.

Input Fuse:

8A time lag (T8A 250V HRC 5 X 20mm in line only)

Input Power Factor:

>0.95 (meets the harmonic requirements of EN61000-3-2 class-D)

Mains Earth Leakage Current:

<120uA @120Vrms, <240uA @240Vrms

Maximum Output Voltage:

22Vdc (compensates automatically for lamp voltage up 22V max)

Output Current Range:

4 ? 23A (constant current, adjustable by internal pot or remotely)

Output Connections:

2 X 0.25? spade tabs

Over Current Protection:

>25A constant current

Maximum Output Power:

320W lamp + 30W auxiliary / fan

Output Ripple Current:

<2% peak ?peak

Lamp Boost Voltage:


Lamp Ignition Pulse:

Bipolar >+/-15KV wrt ground (30KV peak ? peak)

Interface Controls:

Remote Enable / Disable. Auto / Manual mode. Interlock

Remote output current adjust. Current monitor

Interface Signals:


Auxiliary Outputs:

5V +/-4% @ 1A, 12V+/-4% @ 2A isolated & independent of lamp operation.

Fan Output:

12V +/-4% @ 1A (only present when lamp operating)


70% (at full power)

Operating Temperature Range:

0 ? 45deg.C

Storage Temperature:

-20 to +85deg.C

Over Temperature Protection:

Thermostat shuts psu down if excessive internal temperature.

Air Flow Requirement:


Maximum Operating Humidity:

95% RH non condensing

Shipping Shock & Vibration:


Safety Compliance:

UL60601-1, EN60601-1, IEC60601-1, CSA-22.2 No.601-1-M90

CE mark, CB report. (psu requires correct installation) UL file. E193746


7? X 4.5? X 2.05? (177.8 X 114.2 X 52mm)




CON 2:

Pin 1(+ve) Pin2(-ve): ENABLE INPUT (Isolated from mains and outputs). When psu

used in Manual mode (see CON 4), apply +5V to enable lamp (or 12V via 1K5).

Pin 3(+ve): CURRENT MONITOR. Current shunt (0.005ohm ie 5mV/A) monitors lamp

current ie 100mV = 20A

Pin 4: LAMP REPLACE. Signal to indicate lamp needs replacing when

lamp voltage > 16V. Low output (<1V) when lamp needs replacing.

Open collector transistor output. Should use a 2K pull-up resistor to +12V FAN output.

Pin 5: CURRENT ADJUST. Can be used to remotely adjust output current by

connecting external resistance between pin 5 & 7(0V).

With lamp current set at 21A, with 10K pot fitted, typical results: 5.6K = 19A, 2.2K =

17A, 1.24K = 15A, 750R = 13A, 450R = 11A , 240R =9A 105R = 7A, 12R = 5A

Pin 6: LAMP ON. Signal to indicate lamp is ON (when lamp voltage < 24V).

Low = Lamp ON ( LED indicator can be used via 510R resistor to fan supply voltage

(connector CON 3. Pin 1 or CON 2 pin 8)

High = Lamp OFF (5.1K internal pull-up resistor fitted to12V FAN output, and 7V5

Zener in series with o/p.

Pin 7: 0V. Signal 0V. (referenced to ground). Return for pins 3,4,5,6,8

Pin 8: +12V FAN. Additional fan voltage supply connection in parallel to Con 3

Pin 9: 0V (Return of AUX. 5V)

Pin 10: +5V/1A (auxiliary, floating output. ON when Mains ON, irrespective of lamp)

Pin 11: 0V (Return of AUX. 12V)

Pin 12: +12V/2A (auxiliary, floating output. ON when Mains ON, irrespective of lamp)

Note:Aux outputs are isolated from each other and from the interface 0V and ground

CON 3:

Pin 1: +12V/1A - Can be used for psu fan. Only present when lamp is ON.

Pin 2: 0V ( 12V FAN Return, is referenced to ground)

Note: The fan supply is also available on CON 2 pins 7 & 8.

CON 4:

Pins 1-2: INTERLOCK. Supplied fitted with link. Lamp will shut down if pins open.

Pins 3-4: MANUAL/AUTOMATIC. Supplied with link fitted. If pins open lamp will

only operate using the Enable input. (See CON2 pin1&2). NOTE: pins 2,3 are joined.

Note: CON 4 is referenced to mains voltage therefore creepage / clearance distances to

Earth / ground and output need to be considered according to safety requirements.

Signal Connectors:


CON 2: 12 way, 0.1? pitch, right-angle locking header.

CON 3: 2 way, 0.1? pitch, straight locking header.

CON 4: 4 way. 01? pitch, straight header, fitted with 2 jumper links.

Types fitted are Taicom TKB series

Mating connector housing type:

Taicom type TKB series

or Molex type KK series

Crimp type:

Taicom TK series

or Molex KK series

1x Lâmpada Médica Especial Ps300-12 Fonte De Alimentação Lâmpada Xenon

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